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06 November 2008 @ 10:38 pm
r u l e s  
₪ no ooc drama. mun drama =/= muse drama. keep your problems to yourself, and out of the community.

₪ this is an au home. respect that. no fairies. no trolls. no superpowers. based in tokyo, we rely on reality.

₪ be active. we don't care if you update your own journal -- that's your thing -- but update the comm at least once a month, or face cuts. claim posts count as updating.

₪ journal and aim is required in claims.

₪ if there's a situation, bring it to a mod. don't cause shit. no flaming, no attacking, no trolling.

₪ this au home is anonymous. please respect that. if you know who a muse's mun is, good for you. your muse doesn't, and therefore, it should not affect roleplay, whatsoever. dont go spreading the word to everyone that so and so plays such and such muse. because that's how problems are started. we don't like problems.

₪ we are open to any and all eastern asian au muses.

₪ when claiming, please give your name, your job, your contact info, and where you reside.

₪ have fun. we're pretty relaxed.
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